Product review CertHat!

Have you ever managed a Microsoft CA? Then you probably know about all the limitations in the tools for administration. For example, the problem with browsing and searching in the CA database? Or keeping track of certificates about to expire? Or just a simple thing as statistics over issued, revoked failed/denied certs? And don´t get me started about the manual enrollment options.

Well a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a company which develops an add-on software for MS CA. The asked if I could do a review of their product and provide feedback. And since I spend a lot of time in a hotel room I decided to help out.

The product is called CertHat and provided a web-service for MS CA. It consists of a Web application, a SQL database and a small agent installed on your CA servers.

My first impression is great! It provides a really nice web interface with a lot of nice features. For example, database search, statistics, notification of expiration for certs and a lot of other really nice stuff.

More information can be found on their web site; There is a lot of info about the product. It also contains a full featured demo-site to test the product. And of course, contact info. Otherwise let me know and I´ll do my best to help out with contacts.

And just for info: I don´t get any form of payment for this blog post. I got a nice Certhat T-shirt for my testing and feedback, and that is all! I just really like the product and got a really good impression of the guys behind it. So please mention this blogpost if you decide to contact them. 🙂